Marc Jolicoeur (aka Jolly Thoughts)
Marc Jolicoeur (aka "Jolly Thoughts")
Episode Thirty-Four // Conversation with Steve Deneff
Episode Thirty-Four // Conversation with Steve Deneff
"The pursuit of ignorance", how we can be simultaneously drawn to and repelled by "religion", plus speedwalking & 80's ROCK!!!

Y’all, it’s been a minute, but after much summer adventuring I’m (mostly) baaaaack in the saddle for September. One of the marvellous weeks I was able to spend this summer was at our local church district’s campground, Beulah Camp, and during that week I was blessed to have been preached at by a number of folks, including this fellow follically-challenge brother, Steve Deneff:

Steve preached about a half-dozen times over the days he was with us, and I was blown away by not only his content, but his VOICE. The waaaay he communicated the things he communicated… I am still reeling from those messages. In fact, below, you’ll find links to a few of the services that were most impactful for me.

I ran into Steve one evening after one of the services and asked if he’d be willing to connect and chat on the podcast sometime, and this (of course) is that time. I think you’ll find what he has to say refreshing & challenging, true to form for his particular voice.

Typically I’d direct you to a guest’s online presence if you want to follow them. The only place I even found him online was Twitter, where he hasn’t posted in over a year. However, if after this podcast you’re aching for more regular doses of this man’s voice, College Wesleyan’s YouTube channel might be your best bet.

In this conversation, Steve references Otto Scharmer’s on “The Four Levels of Listening”, if you’d like to follow up and check into it more:

Also, as promised, below are a few videos (full services, so you may need to skip ahead to find the teaching) from Steve’s time at Beulah Camp this past summer:

The Church Is Losing Its Voice —

The Scaffolding & The Cathedral —

Centred-Set v Bounded-Set —

For a helpful & thought-provoking engagement with the concept of “Centred-Set v Bounded-Set” thinking, I would recommend:

Marc Jolicoeur (aka Jolly Thoughts)

Marc Jolicoeur (aka "Jolly Thoughts")

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